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Hello and welcome to my Dev Blog.

I was thinking about starting one for quite a long time and finally, thanks to motivation in form of Daj się poznać challenge, I made it happen!

My name is Michal Dymel and I am a software developer. I wrote my first programms on ZX Spectrum (still have it!). They were mostly drawing things on the screen, playing some music or both ;-) Next big thing I remember was a macro in Lotus123 checking lottery coupons from a newspaper.

From more recent years I was working for a travel social network called WAYN.com and since beginning of this year, on for a Swiss company, Procomm IT.

For last 10 years my main focus is Web applications built on Microsoft stack. Beginning with VB6 webclasses, through ASP webforms, MVC, NancyFX and now ASP.NET Core. Of course there is also JS involved (Angular recently), but I always felt more comfortable in the backend zone. I am also interested in the application architecture, IoT and home automation. I think that’s enough about me - you’re probably interested in the project I will be doing for the contest :-) For those of you who don’t know or are reading it in future, Daj się poznac is a challenge organised by Maciej Aniserowicz. The goal is to work on a pet project for 10 weeks on github and document this work on a blog on regular basis.

What I will be working on is a Micro Services framework based on ASP.NET Core, which should require minimal configuration. Services should be able to auto discover themselves with scaling support. The idea came to me while working on a project built with WCF. It hit me how complicated it is to configure server and clients and that it could be interesting to build something like that, easier to use, based on new ASP.

Now… While I obviously can’t wait to start working on it, this is my current view from where I am writing this post:

Koh Lanta Long Beach

Yes, I am in Thailand and I hope you understand that I will start working on it when I am back home :-) You can expect something new here in second week of March. Until then thanks for reading this and best of luck to other devs taking part in the challenge!


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