Hello World vol. 2

I have started this blog exactly one year ago. I did it because I took part in a Polish contest called “Daj Się Poznać”. The challenge was to have a pet project on GitHub and blog about it for 10 weeks. It was hard, but I survived and somehow ended up in 6th place :) Today, new edition of the same contest starts and I decided to accept the challenge again!

Daj Się Poznać 2016

In the last edition, my project was called MiSeCo. You can read more about it in the MiSeCo category. It was meant to be a framework allowing easy communication between .NET Core microservices. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it. Maybe one day I will get back to it.

New beginning

When Maciej Aniserowicz announced 2017 edition, I knew, I want to be part of it. You can read a summary post from last year, but in short, it was a great experience and I have met many interesting people thanks to this contest. I don’t know if time will allow me to write two posts a week, which is the requirement, but I will definitely try.


I thought a lot, what project should I work on this time. At first, I wanted to continue MiSeCo, but in the end decided to do something else. Meet Stactive (I love these random names generators!). Stactive will be a library, which you can add to your ASP.NET Core project and it will allow you to easily create an event log of actions on your website. These actions will be saved in ElasticSearch and presented in Kibana. If you like the idea, go to GitHub repository and leave a star or watch it! :)


Last year, nearly 300 people registered for “Daj Się Poznać”. When I am writing this post, 30 minutes before the registration is closed, there are over 750 contestants! This means, there will be many new blogs to watch for! I would like to wish everyone taking part in this good luck and to be persistent. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!


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