Top 5 things I hate in my iPhone

Half year ago, I was a dedicated and happy Android user. My first smartphone was an iPhone 3G. At some point, I changed it to Google Nexus One. Then, I’ve had all phones from the Nexus line (except 6 & 6p). Last December it turned out, I will be working on an iOS app, so I got iPhone 7 to get familiarised with the UX. Today, I would like to share with you top things that annoy me every day in my phone.

  1. Can’t automate volume
  2. Notifications
  3. Home screen / App drawer
  4. Can’t change the default browser
  5. API limitations

First, I would like to admit, that the device itself is simply amazing. The build quality, materials, screen, speaker, camera. Everything is awesome. I haven’t seen any other mobile phone, which comes close to this (but I’ve never had Google Pixel in my hands). It’s clear, there are no compromises here.

Unfortunately, at some point, you have to turn it on. And here, compared to Android, things are not that great… Most of the problems I have are caused by the limits Apple puts on the API by not allowing apps to control various things.

So… Here is my list:

Can’t automate volume

That’s one of my biggest problems. On Android, I was a huge fan of the Tasker app. This app was able to control everything on your phone. One of the tasks I was using was setting quiet mode on the moment I entered the office and off when I left. On iOS it’s not possible. Apps can’t control volume. So I keep forgetting to re-enable sound when I leave office and miss calls all the time.


Android was always better in this area, but the situation in iOS now is a nightmare. Someone lefts me 5 messages on Messenger, I get 5 notifications. Why can’t it merge them into one, I do not know. It’s impossible to control notifications volume separately from ringtone. I also hate the fact, all notifications disappear when I unlock the device. Why…? If I have notifications from 5 apps and action on one of them, I lose other 4. That’s completely stupid. Oh… And even after a half year of using it, I have no idea what is the difference between notifications on the lock screen and the ones when unlocked.

Home screen / App drawer

Two things here. One - every single app lands on the home screen. Even if it’s a keyboard app, which you never open. Second - lack of widgets. Such a useful feature…

Can’t change the default browser

I use Chrome on the desktop since forever. I have bookmarks there. I can share open tabs between computers. It’s natural, I would prefer to use Chrome also on my phone. But I can’t set it as a default browser. Whenever I click a link somewhere, it will open up in Safari. It’s my phone, why can’t I do what I want?

API limitations

The API apps have access too is very limited, you can forget about UI things you got used to on Android:

* chat heads - very useful way Facebook Messenger is showing active chats
* keyboards - You can now change default keyboard, but these are also very limited. The layout has to be the same
* file system - apps can't access the file system directly. You won't get a file browser app, won't share files between apps

When I got the new iPhone, I was really excited. I new the ecosystem is limited, but I also knew things got improved since the last time I checked. I didn’t think I will find so many things, which will annoy me every day. Android is not perfect, but in my opinion, for users who do like to setup their devices to their needs it’s a much better system.


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