Stactive - release 0.1 and status update

Nearly three months ago, I have joined a contest called “Daj Się Poznać” (Polish for “Get yourself known” or “Get Noticed”). The rules are simple - you have to blog twice a week and work on an open source project on GitHub. All of this for 3 months - from March till the end of May. As it is close to the finish line, I would like to give you an update on how I am doing so far.

Stactive is released as NuGet packages!

Two weeks ago, I decided to publish Stactive in the nuget repository. It’s very early version, with limited functionality, but it’s there.

There are two packages:

When I am writing this post, only one functionality has been implemented, which is saving request logs in the MongoDb database. The object, which is saved contains some useful information:

    "_id" : LUUID("7e701118-3807-a746-963a-7d7f725c1939"),
    "Url" : "/Account/Login",
    "ResponseStatus" : 200,
    "ResponseLength" : null,
    "ProcessingTime" : NumberLong(1017),
    "ContentType" : "text/html; charset=utf-8",
    "Authorized" : false,
    "UserId" : null

More information about installation and how to instructions are available on GitHub.

Next steps

First of all, I am going to add two more persistence implementations - for SQL Server and ElasticSearch. This will allow broader usage and dashboards and graphs from Kibana. Next, I am planning to add the main feature - statistical events logging. It will be possible to log events with extra data, which can later be used for checking the user flows in the application, doing A/B tests and finding anomalies. I also want to add more configuration options. It should be possible to set, which information should be saved and which not.

It’s an OSP

The whole project is, obviously, open source and available on GitHub. It would be great to see some contributions or even issues raised with bugs or feature requests. I know it’s early, but if you like the idea, let me know!


This has been really intense 3 months. Blogging twice a week requires a lot of determination. If you add a project to this it becomes quite hard. I was spending at least 3-4 evenings in a week on either blog or Stactive. When the contest finishes, I will definitely go back to writing one post a week. I just hope I will find enough motivation to keep developing Stactive. We shall see :)


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