How to disable ctrl scroll zoom

A few weeks ago, my mouse started to act up. Sometimes it didn’t track the cursor properly, sometimes it didn’t respond to click etc. It seemed like a problem with the connection. It was a few years old Logitech laser mouse, so maybe it was time to get something new. I did some research and found a Logitech MX Master. I know! I even like the name :) Then, after a few days, Scott Hanselman wrote a post titled Finding the Perfect Mouse, where he said MX Master was the best mouse he had found. That was it for me - the next day I had it on my desk.

And… It is really, really great - it feels good in the hand, no problems with connection etc. It also has a feature, my previous mouse had too: smooth scroll. I liked it before and still like it now - it feels much better than those old style click-click-click scrolling mouse wheels. The one in the MX Master is even more sensitive than the one I had before, which seemed amazing at first…

But then, you go to Chrome, select some text, press CTRL+C and suddenly your page is zoomed by 500%. You realize, you pressed CTRL when the wheel was still scrolling a bit. You hit CTRL+0 and are back to normal. Unfortunately, after few a days of such problems it gets really annoying.

Today I decided to find a solution!

There is no option in windows to disable CTRL+scroll zoom. No option in Chrome, neither in Visual Studio. Fortunately, I have found a nice piece of software called AutoHotKey. You can do loads of things with it:

  • Automate almost anything
  • Remap keys
  • Create hotkeys
  • Etc.

It turned out it took three lines in the script to disable CTRL+scroll zoom in the whole of windows:

#MaxHotkeysPerInterval 500

You just save this in a file, double-click it to run the script and the problem is gone :)

I highly recommend you try AutoHotKey for that or any other automation tasks in windows. What are your secret tips to make windows less annoying?


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