DajSiePoznac - summary

I think it was 1st of February when I read a post about a contest organized by Maciej Aniserowicz called “Daj sie Poznac” (Get Yourself Known). It was about two things - starting an open source project on GitHub and writing about it on a blog. After some time, I decided to take part in it. I was thinking about starting a blog for a while and I couldn’t imagine a better motivation for this. For a project, I chose MiSeCo - a microservices framework based on ASP.NET Core.

After few weeks I wrote my first blog post ever, sitting right on the beach in Thailand :) When I came back home, I started working on MiSeCo and blogging about it. At this point, I think blogging was a success and I definitely want to carry on. In these 3 months, I got nearly 11k page views! At one day, 23rd of March, it was over 1200! I increased the number of followers on twitter from around 40 to 150! The most popular post was about creating types dynamically in C#. It got 2,271 views! I don’t know how it looks to you, but I am impressed and proud :)

Things are not so great when it comes to the project. I am not so proud here. Things were going well until I was beaten by the new ASP (it’s my blog and I can blame whoever I want! ;)). Things I planned didn’t work out. At one point I started rewriting everything to NancyFx… Generally, my motivation went over cliff… Suddenly I started having problems finding times to work on it - you know the drill. All in all, it’s a failure, but I want to come back to it and I honestly hope to do it soon. Maybe the recent RC2 release of ASP has fixed my problems.

In general, I am incredibly happy I did this. I finally fulfilled a resolution from many new years to start blogging. I met some really great people in a contest community and I hope to have a beer with some of them in Warsaw next month, on the great finale. Finally, I think I might have helped few people with my blog posts. It’s an amazing feeling to read a comment ‘thanks you’ve helped me solve my problem’ under your blog post. For all of that - a big thank you to Maciej Aniserowicz - you did an incredible job with this! Congrats and thanks! I would also like to thank all the people who came here to read what I wrote. You gave me strength to do it!

That’s all for today - I hope to see you here soon!


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