DajSiePoznac - summary part 2: gala and final thoughts

Last weekend I went to Warsaw for a gala closing the ‘Daj się poznać’ competition. I summarised the competition itself a few weeks ago here, today I would like to focus on this event and most importantly, how it affected me and what am I going to do about it.

Contest results

If you read the summary post, you know, if not, I will repeat it here. The contest was about creating an open source project on github and blogging about it for 3 months, 2 times a week. That’s 20 posts total. Over 300 developers signed up, 70 made it to the end. They used various technologies, created different things - from frameworks and tools to machine learning and games. On 1st of June time was up and for a week all contestants could vote for 3 blogs. After a week, 16 of them were promoted to the final, public voting. I was very happy to be in this sweet 16 :) After a week the voting was closed and it was time to go to Warsaw! The final gala was very well organised in Microsoft HQ. After few presentations (more on that in a moment) and lunch came the time to unveil the results! First, sponsors gave away their prizes to few selected people. I was very lucky to receive a Raspberry Pi set from Objectivity - a golden sponsor of ‘Daj się poznać’ (thanks again!). You can expect to read something about Windows IoT powering this Pi here soon! :) After the time for sponsors, there was time to announce the winner! It was Piotr Gankiewicz with his nearly production ready Warden - a tool helping to monitor your services. I would like to congratulate Piotr again - you truly deserved it! Oh - I forgot to mention - the main price was the Herman Miller Aeron - the most legendary chair in the IT! Hope it will serve you well, Piotr! :) Second place was also well deserved by Iwona Lalik with her “Shopping Advisor” Android application. And… thanks to all of you,I had the 6th amount of votes, which gave me 3rd place ex-equo with few other, great individuals. You can check all the results here (only in Polish - sorry :))

Gala talks

There were 17 presentations on the gala! In the morning there were two talks from sponsors. First one, by Piotr Stapp, about DevOps and how it’s done in mBank. Second by Kamil Mijacz from SoftwareHut about microservices architecture. Both were really well prepared and interesting.

Rest of the day was reserved for 15 volunteers from contestants. It was amazing how, despite the fact, for most of them it was the first time on the stage, they did really great. I also loved that, there were many different topics discussed. I would like to mention few of the talks I liked the most:

  • Piotr Gankiewicz - as I said before, Piotr won the contest and, in my opinion, he gave the best talk of the day. I highly encourage you to visit https://getwarden.net/ page and try it out
  • Jakub Dziworski explained why and how he created a new JVM language
  • Aneta Bielska - this was the most personal talk of all. Aneta shared, how, after getting a diploma in Architecture, she became a Ruby developer
  • Marcin Drobik used Star Wars rebels as a subject to teach us basics of Machine Learning
  • Marcin Kruszyński, with the best possible closing talk, explained, how he created a Kolorofon emulator on Android and iOS

All 15 presentations were great, but these few I liked the most. I only regret I didn’t volunteer myself to do the talk, but I was already invited to one of the Polish .NET user groups, so watch this space!

After gala, most of us went for a beer, which was great idea, as we had a chance to finally meet and put a face to a nick from slack :)

Final thoughts

I am 35 years old, 15 years in this business and I am telling you - this is the best thing I’ve done so far. Not only have I met other people who are as passionate about what they do as I am, but I also believe I’ve managed to help a few from around the world! I can’t even explain what I’ve felt when I saw over 20 people being online at once on my blog for the first time. Or when I received few comments saying ‘you really helped me…’. In June, my post about problems with ASP.NET Core was featured on the ‘week in .NET list’ and ‘ASP.NET Community Standup’. All of this gave me the biggest motivation kick ever! Most importantly though I have realised, not everything I have achieved so far, I owe to pure luck. I’ve worked for it.

If you’re reading it and wondering if you should start blogging yourself - don’t wonder. Just do it. It’s not easy. It requires some dedication, but it’s totally, totally worth it!

In the end, I would like to thank Maciej Aniserowicz, who came up with and organised ‘Daj się poznać’ - you did an amazing job!


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