Summary of 2017 and plans for 2018

It’s this time of year when everyone (almost) makes summaries of the previous and plans for a new year ahead of us. Time for me!

Exactly one year ago I wrote a post to summarize first year of my blog and make plans for 2017. Today it’s time to look back and see what did I manage to accomplish, where I failed and how last year was in general.

2017 on the blog

I wanted to write 50 blog posts in 2017. I didn’t manage to do it. I had too much on my plate (more on that later) and unfortunately, blog had to suffer. I wrote 31 posts - 20 of them for the “Daj sie poznac” blogging contest (again - more on that later). The second half of the year wasn’t very fruitful here. I only posted 4 times. What makes me really happy is the fact that even though I wasn’t creating new content, I was still receiving more than 5000 sessions a month.


In total there were 124 000 sessions in the last year and almost 150 000 page views! That’s 85% more year to year!

Most popular posts were:

Next 3 are about .NET, but Angular clearly won :)

Blogging contest

It was a second time I took part in the “Daj sie poznać” contest. In the internal voting by other contestants I got to top 25 (out of nearly a 1000!), which I think is a great success! For 3 months I was writing two posts a week and developing a project on GitHub. Unfortunately the idea for the project didn’t prove to be motivating in the long run and it ended up as one of many started - not finished projects on github ;) C’est la vie. All in all, it was again great experience, where I met many interesting people. I also proved myself I can write twice a week, even though I know I am not able to sustain that for a longer time.


One of the reasons I didn’t blog so much - especially in the second part of the year was that I was working a lot. I had two projects - one full time and another one after hours. It’s fine for some time, but after a while it’s really exhausting. After few months I didn’t have power for anything else. And the worst part was constant feeling that I should do something for work (always - weekends, evenings…). With the end of the year I said enough :)


One of my goals for 2017 was to run a half marathon. And I did it! :)


That’s me on the finish line. Photo credit: my wife ;)

I should add that my first run ever was in January last year and the event was in August. This year I am signed up for half marathon again and… a triathlon (1/8 IM).

Plans and goals for 2018

So… enough summarizing - let’s talk 2018!

  • blog! - I definitely want to get back to blogging and post once a week. As a goal for this year I would like to have 40 posts.
  • run halfmarathon in less than 2h (it was 2:18 last year) and finish triathlon (1/8 IM)
  • work less - have more time for other things in life and go for 2 weeks holidays in summer

With that I wish you all the best in the New Year. Let’s rock it!


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